What is the most durable and stain resistant carpet for the money?  Which carpet is right for you?

August 20, 2020 at 3:10 pm

We consider  Stainmaster Nylon to be  the strongest fiber on the market and it is the most durable.   Nylon will look better for longer and not pack down as easily. High quality wool carpets are also very durable however  they  tend to be considerably more expensive and can stain easier.  Nylon has been the most popular type of carpet since the 60’s and it became even more popular when stain protection was added in the 80’s.

Stainmaster Nylon treated with its patented stain protection is highly regarded as the most popular stain protection  available, and is preferred by most homeowners with kids and pets.  Other types of nylons are also available.  They are called type 6 nylons, and although they are also very good with stains and performance,  they still don’t match up to the patented type 6.6 nylon from Stainmaster.  Scotch guard, is another type of well known stain protection, however since it is a topical application, it tends to wear off when you need it most, thus making allowing those carpets to stain easier.

The most effective treatment is on Stainmaster carpeting as it is built into the fibers when they are made so that it lasts longer than other treatments.   Over time all treatments will flake out of the carpet which is why many carpet cleaners offer an optional  spray on treatment when they clean your carpeting.

Current market trends:

Tweeds, carpet with 2 or more colors, are very popular as they bring depth to the carpet and they hide dirt better even in lighter colors.  There are all types of tweeds on the market and you can find one to match the colors in your home by bringing home some  samples.

Pattern carpet is currently in style as it can add texture and design to your room.

  • Lineal or tree bark look is a vertical pattern.
  • Cross hatch has lines in the carpet that go both vertical and horizontal.
  • Geometric shapes like squares or diamonds are not as popular currently.

Density or weight of the carpet is a good indication of the price and durability.  In general the denser the carpet the more it will cost and the longer it will last.  If you are on a budget you can still get a good quality nylon carpet with stain protection but that is not as dense.

Coventry Carpet is one of two companies to be selected as a STAINMASTER® Showcase Carpet Dealer in the Denver Metro area.  We have a lifetime installation guarantee as well. Give us a call to schedule your Free In Home consultation.


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