Creating custom carpet stair runners for your home or business is our specialty

Creating custom carpet stair runners for your home or business is our specialty.

Why a Stair Runner?

  • A beautiful focal feature upon entering a home.
  • A safe alternative to slippery wooden stairs that create accidents.
  • Pulls the homes décor together, transitioning the lower level with the upper level.
  • Can reduce noise and echo’s that wooden floors can make.
  • Custom stair runners are not as expensive as you may think.
  • Coventry has installed hundreds of stair runners in Colorado on all types of staircases.

You walk into the front door of a home and immediately your eyes are drawn to the most beautiful stair runner you have ever seen…….

Stair runners don’t happen by chance.  They are often times referred to as “A work of Art. “ Custom stair runners are unique and can visually impact a home’s grand entrance or make a simple tasteful statement about the owners of the home.

Stair runners come in all shapes, sizes and budget’s, some have beautiful sweeping vines patterns which are elegant in traditional homes with curved stair cases. Others can be more geometric and contemporary and look stunning in a straight line staircase leading up.  Regardless of your taste, there are many options and varieties to choose from at our design center.  (by appt only)

Stair Runner Width

How wide should the carpet runner be? The answer to this will depend on the width of your stairs. For stairs that are  3 feet wide, a 27″ runner width is a good size.  This is a good coverage so that you are not walking on a narrow strip of carpet, and is not too wide to overwhelm the stairs.

For wider stairs 4 to 5 feet, a 33″ runner is a good size, as it will leave a good amount of floor showing on either side of the stairs.

If you have a custom staircase that falls outside of the standard sizes then it can be tailored for appropriate scale.

Type of Pattern

Patterned runners are gorgeous, and come in all colors and designs. Abstracts or floral designs can be a good choice of pattern for stairs. If you have a winding staircase some patterns may not look as good as others. As the experts at Coventry if the pattern you like will work on your stairs.

Pattern Size

A small pattern size works well on a stair runner. Larger patterns can be lost and look uneven as the carpet bends over individual stairs. Smaller patterns showcase the design of each tread and riser.

Wool or synthetic fiber?

A stair runner is typically more decorative than standard carpet and is  woven for stair use. Stair runners are  woven using wool or synthetic pile fibers.  The fiber comes in a variety of styles and prices.
Either fiber works well and can be said to be better than the other in different ways.  With a runner, you don’t want to go too light, light-colored carpeting shows dirt and scuffs.  Our experts at Coventry will provide our customers with all of the information necessary regarding the differences and help you make the right choice for your home.

Stair runner installation:
They are usually installed over a dense carpet pad with small hidden staples. This keeps the carpeting from moving.  Having a properly installed stair runner is critical for it  to perform well and last for a long time.  Incorrect installation can result in a safety risk and reduce the life of the runner.

Tom and his 35 years of carpet experience will transition your beautiful new stair runner to fit perfectly in your home.  Some hotels where we have installed custom stair runners include: The Brown Palace, The Steamboat Grand, Sonnenalp in Vail, ST Julien in Boulder, Doubletree on I-225.

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