Commercial Carpet and Installation


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carpert-img2We are experts at helping you choose the best carpet for your facility and location. We will provide you with many options based on your price points, quality of carpet and durability options.  It is important to know how much traffic the various office spaces see to get the optimal carpet or even plank flooring installed.

Commercial carpet is designed specifically for the traffic that businesses get. Commercial carpet comes in a variety of choices in style, fiber, carpet tiles and color. Carpeting can add personality to the work environment. In hotels, it can provide directional cues. In healthcare carpet can be calming. It can provide sound dampening in a cubicle setting or a computer lab.

Commercial carpet typically comes in broadloom (large roll) which is 12ft wide. It is laid onto a carpet pad that sits on your floor substrate. It is the least expensive option. The main disadvantage to this option is if you have to repair the carpet because of damage.

Carpet tiles, also called carpet squares or modular carpet, come in pre-sized squares with their own integrated backing and base. They sit directly on your substrate. Your installer will lay individual tiles one at a time, with minimal cutting, only resizing certain pieces where necessary.
Carpet tile is more versatile as you can pull up individual pieces if they get damaged. It comes in a variety of sizes such as rectangular or square so you can create custom looks. The product is stronger overall than broadloom as it has a better backing and typically lasts longer because of the denser thicker backing that makes the product more stable. It is great for highly trafficked areas. It is easier to install
in offices that have cubicles as you can work around areas more easily. Your better nylons are going to be stronger than polypropylene. The heavier ounce weight is going to be more expensive but last longer.

Commercial carpet should be easy to maintain. Most are made flat and dense so they vacuum easily and are easy to clean.

To match your carpeting to the proper end-use, you should consider:

  • Carpet construction and durability
  • Color Selection
  • Quality and performance requirements
  • Insulation and sound absorption
  • Amount of cushion
  • Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Fire ratings

Define the specific requirements of the facility.

Type of facility and the area receiving carpet.
How long you would like the carpet to last.
Whether access to the subfloor is needed.
Whether there is modular furniture in the space.
On an average day, will there be spills or dirt tracked into the building?
What about moisture? If so, how much as this will definitely affect a lot of things?
Is there exposure to chemicals or sun?

What type of traffic and how much? Wheelchairs? Supply carts?

Frequently asked questions:

What’s up with this carpet tile I am seeing everywhere? Carpet tiles are a perfect example of the fun you
can create and the performance you will get if you decide to go in this direction. The options and
designs are limitless, it will set you apart from your competition, and your investment will last for years
to come.
Are all commercial carpets created equally? Your better nylons are going to be stronger than
polypropylene. The heavier ounce weight is going to be more expensive.
What type of yarn is best for traffic areas and staining? Nylon in the form of carpet tile is the best.
What do I do with all this furniture? It depends on what needs to be done. Each job is accessed as to the best way to install the carpet.
Won’t carpet installation affect work productivity? We can do weekends and nights.
I want to do something really cool with a design, can you help? There are numerous design options.


  • Steamboat Grand Hotel
  • Brown Palace Hotel
  • The Glass House
  • Sonnenalp Hotel Vail
  • Regis university
  • Colorado Christian University
  • Arby’s
  • Julian hotel Boulder
  • Union station
  • Park meadows mall
  • Paramount Cafe
  • Southridge Recreation Center
  • The Vintage Hotel Granby Ranch
  • Coca Cola Headquarters Denver
  • King Soopers / Kroger Headquarters

We specialize in helping our clients decide the best option for their situation.
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