Carpet Stock Remnants

Carpet Stock RemnantsWe always have an assortment of stock remnant carpet.  Call us for fantastic specials on roll balances, mill discontinued products and remnants.  The carpet remnants come from two main sources.

  • The carpet mills let us know when there are overstocked items that they need to move. They offer steep discounts on these products if bought in quantity. and  we in turn pass that discount on to the end user, saving many homeowners up to 80% off what they may normally retail for.
    Sizes, types  and colors are what have available at that time.
  • When a carpet roll is getting low, we often sell it as a stock remnant and pass a big savings on to you.

Pros of Carpet Remnants

  • Cost savings by buying remnants.
  • Quick turnaround as you are buying what is in stock.
  • Great for rental properties.

Cons of Carpet Remnants

  • Purchase what is available.
  • There may not be a warranty.

At Coventry we run multiple crews and can often  squeeze a fast turnaround if you are in a pinch.  We offer our lifetime installation warranty on all carpet that we install.