Allergies and Carpet

April 28, 2016 at 6:12 pm

Steamboat-Grand-Hotel-Wool-Couristan-carpetA common misperception is that people with asthma and allergies should avoid having carpet in their home.

Studies have shown that the opposite is true. Properly cleaned carpet helps reduce allergy symptoms and is actually the best flooring choice for those dealing with asthma and allergies.

Their is a significant body of research that shows that carpet is not bad for allergy sufferers:

The Carpet and Rug Institute, an industry trade association, is committed to educating people about carpet and to dispel untruths and myths. The CRI has this to say;
“The suggestion that carpet causes indoor air quality problems is a significant issue for the carpet industry to address,” said Werner Braun, president of CRI. “Through research, CRI offers information that is valuable to medical professionals and to anyone living with carpet.”
According to Werner Braun; ” An extensive toxicological assessment of components of carpet concluded that the chemicals in carpet pose no health risks of public concern. ”

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Listed below are 4 more studies on carpet and allergies.

1. Airmid Healthgroup of Ireland conducted a study that showed, ā€œeffectively cleaned carpets can trap allergens and other particles, resulting in fewer particles escaping into the air.ā€ Airmid performed the study for CRI member carpet manufacturer Shaw Industries.
2. A study on childhood asthma study from 2005, known as the Inner-City Asthma Study, concluded that there was no difference in symptom improvement or allergen levels in carpeted homes vs. uncarpeted homes.
3. A 15-year Swedish study found there to be no link between the use of carpet and incidents of asthma or allergy. The study also found that when carpet usage in Sweden decreased by 70%, allergic reactions increased by 30%.
4. Researcher and toxicology expert Dr. Mitch Sauerhoff, reviewed a number of scientific studies and concluded that the literature on carpet and asthma or allergies confirms that children and adults living with carpet do not have an increased incidence of asthma or allergy

Properly cleaned carpet is the best way to combat allergies and raise indoor air quality. The best strategy for effectively cleaning carpet is:

1. Regular vacuuming with a quality vacuum.
2. Have your carpet professionally deep cleaned every year.

Professional cleaning and regular vacuuming might sound simple, but that is all you need to do to keep your carpet from becoming a source of allergies and asthma.


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