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July 26, 2019 at 2:06 am

How do you choose the best company for your new flooring installation project? You will need to spend some time doing a little research and reading reviews on your top choices. You should meet with the companies in your home so they can give you ideas or feedback on what you think might be the best choice for you. You will want to see samples of the flooring in your home to see if it actually matches well with you paint and surroundings. Talk to your friends perhaps they have done business with one of these companies and can give you some feedback on their experience.

When you think of the best flooring company what do you expect from them?

  1. The best quality flooring for the money. For carpeting that means the highest quality in terms of the type of carpet you want such as a pet protect or wool carpeting. For Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVF) you are going to want a waterproof LVF that is built to last for a long time and not fade. Most people do not know this but having an LVF with built in padding or having some sort of underlayment will make the floor softer to stand on.
  2. The best carpet installation means that the installation is guaranteed for life and that your carpet looks beautiful in every room. Very few companies offer this as they typically use subcontractors and unless you do not like something and bring it up when the job is done you are out of luck. The bottom line is that the life of the carpet will suffer and it will not look as good as it should if it was installed by professionals.
  3. The best price on your flooring is a combination of these factors as you may be able to get a cheaper price on the carpet one place and the installation cheaper somewhere else. For example, the big box stores often advertise free installation on carpeting but they do not tell you that you are getting the cheapest padding available. The cost of the pad is typically about double what you get from Coventry carpets, as well as the cost of an apple to apple carpet is about 30 percent more, thus their “free” installation is NOT SO FREE.
  4. Proper installation is critical to creating a great looking room. Hiring a professional flooring contractor will save you a lot of time, headaches and even money in the long run. The right flooring company will understand your unique situation, and work with your budget to make the most of your investment.
    At Coventry Carpets and Flooring we build upon your dreams and provide you the best flooring and the nicest looking rooms for your home. We will come out to your house with our mobile showroom or you can come into our showroom, with an appointment, to get ideas for your flooring installation project.
  5. Coventry Carpets guarantees their installation and takes pride in their work. Our design consultants have extensive knowledge and can help guide you through the different types of flooring options and the pros and cons of them in specific rooms in your home. We are one of very few flooring companies in Denver that actually do their own installations for carpeting and luxury vinyl tile.
  6. When you compare the same carpeting, padding and installation price that Coventry provides you against any of our competitors you will find that we are about 20% to 30% less overall and your installation is guaranteed for life! That is why Coventry is the best flooring company in Denver.

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