Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile

August 20, 2016 at 5:04 pm

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is the fastest growing segment in the flooring industry. This is the designer’s choice for many commercial and residential applications. This unique product is the perfect combination of beauty, maintenance and durability.

You can now  have the look, graining, and character of real hardwood in LVT.  Today’s manufacturing processes create amazing vinyl “wood” planks and textured “stone” tiles that rival the real thing.

 Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Construction

Luxury vinyl flooring systems use advanced realistic photographic technologies  to replicate real hardwoods and stones. There are four  layers fused together to produce the final product: a resilient vinyl backing, a vinyl color layer, a photographic film layer, and a urethane or aluminum oxide top layer. The protective top layer  is very important to the durability of the product.


Features & Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

  • The look and even feel of the best natural materials at a lower price including distressed wood finishes, stone and slate tactile surface textures, and woven textiles imbedded in the wear layers.
  • LVT satisfies Green building standards and earns LEED points for commercial jobs.
  • Meets commercial flammability codes, slip resistant requirement, and an assortment of other safety codes.
  • LVT floors can be cleaned by a simple damp mopping.
  • LVT floors are water resistant.
  • LVY is scratch, stain, dent and scuff resistant.
  • LVT is very durable and is constructed to withstand commercial wear and tear.
  • LVT is ideal for residential high-traffic areas as well as other areas of the home.
  • Warranties vary by manufacturer, but it’s not unusual to see 20-25 year warranties.

Exceptional Naturalism and Durability

LVT floors are designed to capture the look of natural stone tile flooring, wood planks and ceramic tile floors, while providing a very durable surface. LVT comes in fashionable designs ranging from contemporary to a rustic look.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile

June 30, 2016 at 5:23 am

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is the fastest growing segment in the flooring industry for many reasons.

carpert-img4Many styles of LVT look so much like  wood that you really have to look at it closely to determine if it is Luxury Vinyl Tile or wood.  You can also purchase LVT that looks just like stone or  tile.  LVT is a very versatile product and can be used in any room in the home. The newest LVT product has a water proof core.  This is very popular for bathrooms and kitchens because it is water proof and you can just wipe up spills without worries.  Luxury vinyl has a softer surface than wood or tile floors. This provides more flexibility making it easier to stand on for long periods of time which is great for kitchens or game rooms.  LVT  is also becoming very popular in businesses because of its versatility.

Why people choose Luxury Vinyl Tile:

  • People are using LVT in their houses and businesses instead of tile or hardwood because it is easier, faster and cheaper to install.
  • Ease of maintenance. You can just sweep up the dirt from the LVT or mop it down.
  • LVT is very durable, especially the thicker heavy duty types designed for businesses or higher traffic areas.
  • LVT can hide your sub floor imperfections.
  • Most LVT has a sound mitigating underlayment or you can add one before installation.
  • LVT is great in basements as you can put it right over the concrete flooring or add an inexpensive underlayment that makes it softer to stand on.
  • LVT is warmer to walk on than tile so it is more comfortable in the winter months.

Types of LVT:

  • LVT stands for luxury vinyl tiles and LVP stands for luxury vinyl planks.
  • WPC stands for Wood Plastic Composite. WPC vinyl flooring  comes with a100%  waterproof core.  WPC products are a type of luxury vinyl tile.
  • Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, also known as SPC flooring, is the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring.
  • SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. It describes the super tough core layer which is almost indestructible. It is great for uneven subfloors.
  • WPC vinyl is very sturdy, but SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring is even sturdier, almost like concrete.
  • With WPC and rigid core vinyl you can find all types of real looking wood or stone in almost any color. It is so real looking that it is hard to tell the difference from real wood or stone.
  • Installation costs vary based on the type of LVT chosen. The other factors include the floor preparation involved and if you have base molding that needs to be removed and reinstalled.

At Coventry we carry the following brands of Luxury Vinyl Tile:

Residential LVT

  • Provenza
  • Earthwerks
  • Armstrong
  • SouthWind
  • Evoke
  • Paradigm
  • Dixie
  • Masland
  • TAJ Flooring

Commercial LVT

  • EF Contract
  • Milliken
  • Mannington
  • SouthWind
  • J&J Invision
  • Patcraft
  • Shaw Contract
  • Mohawk
  • Armstrong Parallel
  • TAJ Flooring


If you are looking for exceptional customer service and the best deals on LVT or carpet in the “Denver Metro” area we are the company for you.  Give us a call to schedule a meeting at our Denver showroom located close to 8th avenue and I-25 or for an in home estimate with our mobile showroom. We will be able to give you a cost for installation after examining the areas you want your LVT or carpet installed.





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