Cut Pile Carpet

March 16, 2020 at 4:22 am

Cut Pile CarpetCut pile carpet like most carpets can be made out of different fibers such as nylon, polyester and wool.  Cut pile is one of the most popular styles of carpet for your entire home and comes in a variety of colors and even patterns.  Cut pile carpets are produced  by cutting the yarn loops which creates an upright pile that has a more upscale look and a softer feel under your feet than loop pile carpet.

Cut pile is a type of carpet that is sheared, exposing the ends of the carpet fiber.  Cut piles come in various lengths and thicknesses.   When selecting a cut pile carpet it is important to look at  the twist.  A tighter twist makes the carpet more durable and helps the fibers to stand up and resist matting.  It also creates texture which minimizes wear patterns.

Cut pile carpets differ based on the length and thickness of the fiber. 

Frieze carpeting has long twisted fibers,  Saxony has short fibers cut to an even length.

    • Saxony is a classical cut pile carpetSaxony is a classical cut pile carpet.  Its fibers stand upright and are cut in even lengths. There are two types of Saxony: straight and textured.
    • Straight Saxony  carpet fibers go in the same direction and create a consistent attractive look. The downside is that it shows  footprints and vacuum strokes.
    • Textured Saxony has carpet fibers that are twisted into different directions.  It is much better at hiding footprints and vacuum lines.
    • Frieze carpet isn’t  as long as a traditional shag carpet, but it can have long, twisty fibers, or  it can have a shorter  twisty pile.
  • Frieze carpet hardly shows footprints,  vacuum lines and is good at hiding a stain.  It’s very durable  and soft on your feet.

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