Commercial Carpet Tiles

August 28, 2019 at 12:57 am

Carpet tiles are a contemporary  approach to standard broadloom carpeting.  Commercial carpet tiles  provide many benefits to any area.  Carpet tiles are typically squares of carpeting that are made to lay down like regular carpeting. Some tiles attach to the floor using glue.  Carpet tiles are designed to lay down easily,  and they can be laid in patterns and blends of colors to create a unique look.

Different sized carpet tiles are available. Smaller carpet tiles create patterns with more variation, while larger tiles minimize the variation in patterns. This is where a carpet company can provide you with options and advice on what will work well for your commercial space.  They will come out to your space with samples for you to view so that you can see the colors and patterns in your office environment.

Why Commercial Carpet Tiles?

Commercial carpet tiles are built to last and can handle heavy foot traffic.  In a commercial building you can have a lot of other issues besides heavy foot traffic.  Stains and spills are going to happen.  Perhaps grease or tears to the carpet tiles as well. That is the beauty of the tiles.  If one or several are damaged or worn they can be replaced without having to tear up all of the carpet.  All you have to do is remove the damaged tiles and replace with new ones.  Commercial tiles are made with low pile fibers which are not easily damaged by traffic and are very long lasting.

Carpet tiles can be used in a variety of locations throughout any commercial setting.  They can be placed over subfloors because they are resilient to water and moisture.

The tiles backing material is breathable allowing the moisture to rise up through the fibers.  The backing material is very strong and will hold extremely well for years.

Easy to maintain and clean.  Easier installation then standard carpet.  The tiles can be trimmed to fit virtually any area.

Call Coventry Carpets, we have the design and installation know how to turn your business into a space you will be proud of! 


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