Carpet Installation Reviews

November 26, 2019 at 8:33 pm

A great place to start your search for carpeting is to look at carpet installation reviews.   There are a lot of companies out there that do carpet installation and you want to find ones that have great reviews that will do your job in a timely manner and stand behind their work.  You can start your search by looking for carpet stores or installers and then go to Google and check out the reviews customers have left for these companies.  You will get a good feel for the company by reading the reviews.  It is important to ask the company if they have their own installers or if they are using subcontractors.   If something goes wrong with the ins  tall you will want it corrected without having to go to the company and then the installer.

Be cautious of the “Big Box” stores if you are wanting to get new carpet installed.  They often have promotions where they advertise “Free Carpet Installation.”  We all know nothing is free and the only way they can afford to pay their subcontractors is to give you cheaper quality padding and /or carpeting.

The National Carpet Retailers typically use OTHER companies for their installation services.  If you ever have a carpet problem or complaint it can be hard to get the problem fixed as the retailer is not the installer.

We recommend that you spend some time doing research and reading Google reviews on your top choices.  Call the best ones up and schedule an appointment in your home so you can get a feel for the company.

  1. A great carpet installation means that the installation is guaranteed for life and that your carpet looks beautiful in every room.  Few companies offer this as they typically use subcontractors and unless you do not like something and bring it up when the job is done you are out of luck.
  2. Proper installation is critical to creating a great looking room.  Hiring a  professional flooring contractor will save you  time and money  in the long run.  The best flooring company will understand your  situation, and work with your budget to make the most of your investment.

Bathroom TIlesAt Coventry Carpets and Flooring we build upon your dreams and provide you the best flooring and the nicest looking rooms for your home.  We will come out to your house with our mobile showroom or you can come into our showroom, with an appointment, to get ideas for your flooring installation project.

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