Buying a home? You may want to replace carpeting and other flooring before you move in.

April 8, 2017 at 3:48 pm

You will want to figure out what style and types of carpet and other flooring go well in the new home.  There are several things you should ask yourself before the close of your home:

  • Flooring When are you closing on the home? You will need time to order materials and have them installed before you move in.  It typically takes about 2 weeks to order the carpet if it is not in stock.  We are usually 2 weeks out on our installs so It is best to give yourself 2 to 3 weeks before we get in the home and several more days for the install of you are carpeting most of the home.
  • When can you get into the home so that measurements can be made for the carpeting and other flooring.
  • We will bring carpet samples to the house for you to see how the different types of carpet look with the paint, hardwoods, tile, and cabinets in the new home. This way we can order the carpet and you will know the costs involved.
  • Do you have children and or pets? This will affect the type of carpet you will want to have installed.
  • Coventry can typically do all the measurements in under an hour including showing the carpet samples to you in each room.
  • Most people prefer to carpet prior to moving in so they do not have to move furniture twice.
  • If you are thinking about tile or other types of flooring we suggest meeting us at our showroom to see the samples we have as our mobile showroom is just for carpeting.  We sell all other flooring as cash and carry. We do not install the other types of flooring. We have several contractors we can recommend but currently most are booked out a month or so. If there is a lot of tile it could take them over a week to do the install so you will need to factor this in if you want them to finish the job before you move in.  If you hire someone to do the other flooring they will typically pick it up for you with a truck.


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